We will change the world, but with your help!

Our Project

We propose that children have a basic knowledge in computing, making basics things as write a text, make a spreadsheet or design a slide presentation.

Location where will occur

Amazonic Region, accurately in Porto Velho City - Rondônia State.

Our Dream

Our dream is give a personal education to children and make his life better, than her will be able to change your life, community and State.

When will occur

We need for financial support to start our project and we will wait for first U$D 10.000,00 donations. First we will buy building sit and start construction in Porto Velho, if you will support us we will send e-mail with updates from project.


Music theme

Love can turn world - Music by Gaither Vocal Band - All Rights Reserved

Help us to help poor children


Our Contacts

President: Renan da Silva Barbosa

E-mail: helpchildrenfuture@gmail.com

Telephone/ Whatsapp:

+55 69 8458 0350